Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finding the Right Electronic Component Distributor

One of the main frustrations for manufacturers today is component authenticity, scarcity and affordability. While some manufacturers previously believed that it would be more cost efficient to procure electronic components themselves, today more and more companies are hiring knowledgeable electronic component distributor. Distributors, or suppliers, can help you by acquiring parts that you need when you need them at an affordable cost. Many suppliers also help manage your inventory to ensure that your production is efficient.

One of the many reasons manufacturers are seeking the help of electronic component suppliers is the fast pace at which technology today changes. As big manufacturers worldwide in every electronics industry compete to create the fastest, most efficient product out, many components become obsolete or hard to find. Electronic component distributors analyze the market and often predict items which will become obsolete. By doing so, they are able to advise their consumers and provide the necessary components often without affecting production time. Hard to find items are also procurable through experienced suppliers as they have established connections throughout the supply chain.

A major concern faced by distributors and manufacturers alike in the supply chain is the sale and use of counterfeit parts. Counterfeit parts are substandard components that are not issued by the original manufacturer. While counterfeit parts are cheaper, they can cause extreme and dangerous deficiencies in the finished product. To avoid the resale of counterfeit parts, reliable distributors test each component to ensure that the part you receive is authentic.

When selecting which supplier is best for your company, consider their quality assessment process, affordability and reputation. Profit and efficiency largely depend on the distributor that you choose, therefore it is important to do your research prior to forming an agreement. Additionally, if you manufacture electronics for a specific industry such as the military, it is best to choose a supplier that specializes in that industry as well.

While there are several electronic component distributors to choose from, it is important to select the most reliable one from the start. A distributor becomes part of your team and can be responsible for your efficiency or lack thereof. With over 70 years in business, Harry Krantz Company is a leader in the industry and has a stock of over 700,000 parts as well as a support system for its customers.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Locating and Acquiring Authentic Military Components

Technological advances can be seen across all industries, from cell phones to aerospace products. Some of the more significant developments, however, can be witnessed in the field of military technology. As much as cell phone manufacturers attempt to beat their competition by creating the newest, fastest device, countries compete against each other to achieve innovation in military technology. In order to do so effectively and with budget in mind, many manufacturers hire military component suppliers.

The supply chain for electronic components generally consists of three parts: original component manufacturers (OCM), franchise distributors and independent distributors. Which part of the supply chain the manufacturer decides to purchase from largely depends on the type of components they are looking for, the budget for the product and of course its availability. If a military component is difficult to find or obsolete, it is likely no longer produced by the original manufacturer. A franchise distributor may still have a stock of the product but because they are governed by OCM contract, it may be limited and the components may be expensive. Therefore, when searching for a military part that is not readily available on the market, an independent distributor is usually the most cost efficient choice.

It is pertinent that manufacturers seeking military parts choose an experienced, reputable supplier. When researching suppliers, it is suggested that you narrow down your list by selecting distributors that specialize in military components. This ensures that they are able to provide knowledgeable support and customer service to manufacturers before, during and after the purchase. Another important factor to consider is their length of experience in the field as well as their quality assurance program. Some of the counterfeit avoidance strategies utilized by suppliers include cross checking the components with the Qualified Product List (QPL) and Qualified Manufacturers List (QML). It is also a positive sign if the supplier is on the Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors (QSLD) as that indicates that they resell authentic components.

A prime example of a reputable supplier that has specialized in allocation and sale of authentic military parts for over 70 years is Harry Krantz Company. Although they provide electronic components to various industries, Harry Krantz Company focuses on the military and aerospace industries. Their success and trustworthiness has withstood seven decades of rapid changes in the market and they continue to flourish today.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Are Obsolete Electronic Parts

The consistent growth experienced by the electronics industry is fueled by the society’s constant demand for a newer, faster, more intelligent electronic device. As a result of this rapid change in the electronics industry, electronic parts become obsolete. There are several other reasons for electronic components becoming obsolete which will be discussed in this article. Obsolete electronic parts, even though hard to find, are still in demand by various manufacturers. In order for manufacturers to acquire the components they need, they require the services of an electronic component distributor.

One of the biggest reasons of electronic components becoming obsolete is the fast pace at which technology changes today. The race for improvements in technology causes for many components to lose their importance. Additionally, most electronic components have a life cycle and once the production of an expired component ends, it may become obsolete. In this case, it is important for the manufacturer still needing such components to have a supplier that is able to procure such obsolete electronic parts.

Electronic parts distributors are able to provide their consumers with the necessary obsolete electronic parts by acquiring such parts and then testing their authenticity. One of the issues that must be considered when purchasing parts from a distributor is that the supply chain is flooded with counterfeit parts. To ensure that the parts you are purchasing are authentic, it is recommended that you deal with a supplier which tests all of its components prior to re-selling them to you.

These parts include components such as batteries, military equipment, LCD and LED displays, aerospace products, wires, power supplies and more. Manufacturers can usually find a distributor that specializes in supplying the components for their specific industry. For instance, while Harry Krantz Company is an electronic component distributor for various industries, they focus on providing necessary components and equipment to the military and aerospace industries. Suppliers that specialize in a specific industry are usually knowledgeable about that market and can provide you with valuable advice and customer support.

Because obsolete electronic parts are difficult to acquire, it is suggested that a manufacturer uses a supplier that has good inventory. A distributor that has a consistent inventory of parts is typically able to get you the necessary components delivered in a timely manner. Because the efficiency of your production in part depends on the inventory and processing time of your supplier, it is important to select a distributor that is reliable.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Procurement of Authentic Obsolete Electronic Parts

Due to economic issues, some manufacturers may have considered purchasing or using counterfeit components. Cheap at first, these components are very costly later on due to failed product, which can ultimately cause death. The sale and use of counterfeit components is especially common with procurement of obsolete electronic parts. Hard to find, these parts are often imitated and even with the advanced procurement procedures of aftermarket parts, some slip through the cracks.

Obsolete electronic parts are components that are no longer produced by the original manufacturer. There are numerous reasons as to why a manufacturer stops producing certain parts. The most common reason is the part is no longer “new”. At the rapid pace with which technology today changes, components can become obsolete quickly. For instance, if the newest cell phone uses a processor that is more efficient, most other cell phone companies will begin to use it to keep up. In response to this demand, the manufacturer producing the processors will stop producing the outdated component.

The price point can be another reason a manufacturer halts production of a component. On average, the manufacturer will no longer produce a replacement component if it costs more to produce than a newer one. A component can also be banned by the government if a substance it contains is harmful to the general public.

Nevertheless, various manufacturers may still be able to use and are in need to components that have become obsolete. Because such components can be costly and difficult to find, it is best to hire an electronic component distributor to allocate them for you. A reliable, experienced distributor will find you the parts you need, test their authenticity and deliver them on time.

Quality assurance systems used by distributors include a review of the full traceability of the product as well as physical testing of the product in a testing facility. Other measures are also taken along the supply chain to prevent counterfeit products from entering such as the formation of approved distributor and manufacturer lists such as Qualified Supplier List for Distributors (QSLD) and QML/QPL. However, a knowledgeable supplier will take additional precautions to ensure that the components you purchase are authentic.

Upon considering the above points and completing proper research, you can find an obsolete electronic parts supplier that best fits your needs.