Friday, March 29, 2013

Electronic Component Distributors Can Help Your Production

As the technology market is becoming increasingly fast-paced, many forward-thinking manufacturers are hiring electronic component distributors to achieve optimal production. A reliable supplier should provide you with quality products for an affordable price in a timely manner. Even though you may feel pressed for time to hire a supplier, it is important that you thoroughly research your options before doing so. Below you will find some useful pointers on how to find the best distributor for your business.

One of the easiest ways to perform research is online. When performing your initial search, narrow down your options to the suppliers that specialize in your industry. This is an important step for several reasons. First, it will eliminate irrelevant suppliers and secondly, it will provide you with options of distributors that are knowledgeable about your industry. Knowledgeable distributors are able to provide you with the necessary support including predicting market trends for obsolete components.

Once you narrow down your options of electronic component distributors to those experienced in your industry, visit their individual websites and note the amount of years they have been in business. If a supplier has been in business for over a decade, it indicates that they have been able to adapt to the changing market trends throughout the years. This is an important skill you want your distributor to have as they will be able to advise you on changing market trends. Also, longevity can often indicate that supplier provides quality service.

One of the major threats to production today is the sale and use of counterfeit products throughout the supply chain. Therefore, it is imperative that the supplier you hire has a strict quality assurance program. If you cannot find sufficient information about a supplier’s quality assurance program on their website, contact them to find out their testing programs and whether they are on the Qualified Supplier List for Distributors (QSLD).

Affordability is another important element to research when choosing the best supplier for your company. However, remember that cheap doesn’t always mean better. In fact, if the distributor you are researching is selling components for far below the average price, it is important to further question their quality assurance program. A cheap counterfeit component today can cost you greatly tomorrow.

During your research of electronic component distributors, visit to see what makes them one of the leaders in the industry.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Can An Electronic Component Distributor Help Improve Your Production?

An electronic component distributor is an individual or company that helps with the allocation and purchase of electronic parts.  Experienced distributors are able to help manufacturers facilitate the process of purchasing authentic components, even those that are hard to find or obsolete. Additionally, some distributors offer services that can further help improve the manufacturers’ production such as excess inventory consignment.

As various industries compete over more efficient products, the demand for faster electronic components is steadily increasing. This demand for quickly-changing innovation requires manufacturers to perform at top efficiency and to do so, many manufacturers decide to hire electronic component distributors. Trusted distributors should have a rigorous counterfeit prevention program, a large in-stock inventory, and ample experience in the industry.

The production of counterfeit components is one of the biggest frustrations for manufacturers. After all, utilizing a counterfeit component can negatively impact the safety and functionality of the finished product. Specifically, this creates a major threat to the military and aerospace industries, in which there is no room for error. Therefore, it is important to hire a distributor that offers the best in part authentication.

Choosing an electronic component distributor that has a large in-stock inventory can also help improve the manufacturer’s production. When a distributor has parts regularly utilized by the manufacturer in stock, it typically ensures a timely delivery of those parts. For instance, with over700,000 individual line items of electronic components and related products, stored in their ESD-protected facility, reputable distributor Harry Krantz Company can help the efficiency of their customer’s production.

For manufacturers in the military or aerospace industries, it is beneficial to find a specialized distributor that has ample experience in the field. This ensures that the distributor is knowledgeable in the field, follows and complies with all regulation specific to the industries and most importantly, can give the manufacturer proper advice on component acquisition. Harry Krantz, for instance, has over 70 years of experience serving manufacturers in various industries, with a specialization in military and aerospace. Their knowledge of the market and ability to adapt to its changes makes Harry Krantz an effective distributor capable of helping their customers by both allocating components and providing invaluable advice.

If you are looking for a reliable electronic component distributor that is experienced and offers an aggressive risk management program, visit

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting The Most Out Of Your Excess Inventory Of Electronic Components

The rapid pace at which technology changes today creates the problem of excess inventory for many manufacturers. As certain components become obsolete or no longer necessary for production, they take up room in the manufacturer’s warehouse and create a loss of profit. Many manufacturers continue to keep these components or even finished products because they are not sure of when to sell, buy, or hold onto their stock. Furthermore, once they decide to sell, it can be difficult to find buyers, especially for components that are no longer wanted by majority of the manufacturers.

The issue of excess inventory can be resolved by hiring a knowledgeable electronic component distributor such as Harry Krantz Company. With over 70 years of experience in excess inventory consignment, Harry Krantz can offer their customers a reliable service and invaluable advice on when to sell, buy, or hold their inventory. Companies with time-proven experience are typically knowledgeable about the market trends and are able to adapt to changes. This ensures that your excess inventory is in expert hands.

Excess inventory consignment services allow the manufacturer to own their components until they are sold by the distributor. This is the safest way of selling components that you may need in the future. By utilizing the services of a trustworthy distributor, you are ensuring that you are getting fair market price for your parts and products. Furthermore, selling components is easier through a distributor as they take care of marketing your product and contacting their vast network of buyers to sell your components. Overall, they work to get your components sold fast and for a profit.

When researching your options for a distributor that can help you manage your excess inventory, be sure to check their compliance standards. This will help ensure that your reputation is protected and you are not faced with any legal issues in the future. To protect their customer’s business and reputation, Harry Krantz Company is updated on all of the relevant export regulations and holds ITAR registration.

Harry Krantz Company has utilized the successful combination of their ongoing marketing efforts and large network of reliable buyers to help turn excess inventory into profit for their customers. Their time-tested knowledge of the market allows them to confidently provide advice in the customer’s best interest.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Electronic Component Suppliers For Obsolete Components

The allocation and purchase of obsolete components is a frustrating and time-consuming process for most manufacturers. Obsolete components are electronic parts that are no longer produced by the original manufacturer. Difficult to find, many of these components are often duplicated, making them counterfeit and a threat to quality production. Testing obsolete components to ensure their authenticity can be costly to manufacturers and hinder their production. To solve this, many manufacturers hire electronic component suppliers.

The supplier will become partially responsible for the manufacturer’s efficiency, therefore when researching their options for suppliers, it is important for manufacturers to check the suppliers’ reputation, experience and quality assurance programs. This information can typically be found online on their personal websites. Besides checking the supplier’s website, it is also important to research third party sites to get unbiased information about the supplier. Reviews and testimonials provide great insight into the electronic component supplier’s reputation. This information can become a vital part of the manufacturer’s decision to hire the supplier.

Because counterfeit components present such an immense threat to quality production, it is imperative that the supplier the manufacturer hires has a rigorous counterfeit prevention program. Harry Krantz Company, one of the leading electronic component suppliers, complies with the highest standards in quality assurance. All of their inbound and outbound inventory is subject to a 30-point quality inspection checklist in accordance with the IDEA 1010 standard. In addition to their in-house testing, they also collaborate with outside qualified testing labs to ensure their customers receive quality components in a timely-manner.
Experience is another factor a manufacturer should consider when selecting their supplier. Companies that have been in business for over a decade have typically withstood various market changes and can often offer you invaluable advice on the purchase, sale and retention of components. Additionally, experienced suppliers normally have a network of reliable sellers. To ensure quality, Harry Krantz Company has a list of audited suppliers from which they purchase various components, including those that are obsolete.

With over 70 years of experience, Harry Krantz Company is one of the leading electronic component suppliers. Their experience and reputation have helped establish life-long relationships with many of their clients. Furthermore, their dedication to ensuring the quality of their components has allowed them to establish a network of reliable partners.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What One Can Do With Excess Inventory of Electronic Components

Many manufacturers understand that excess inventory can hinder their efficiency, and therefore, their profitability. However, some are not sure of when to buy, sell or hold onto their stock. In this case, a manufacturer can benefit from employing the services of a knowledgeable distributor. When choosing the best distributor for your purposes, it is important to consider their experience, knowledge of and compliance to government regulations, and their reputation.

It is important to choose a distributor that is experienced for several reasons. Companies that have been in business for decades are typically well-established businesses with the ability to adapt to the changing market. Therefore, it qualifies them to give you advise you on various aspects of managing excess inventory. For instance, Harry Krantz Company is a reputable distributor with over 70 years of experience in excess inventory consignment.  Therefore, they are able to advise manufacturers on whether they should buy, sell, or hold onto their components. Furthermore, they are able to provide them with valuable information about market changes.

Additionally, a distributor that has been in business for decades typically has an established network of reliable buyers. This translates into a faster and more consistent sale of your excess inventory.  
Due to the many firm standards and regulations set by the government regarding export and sales, it is important to find a distributor that complies with them all. This will ensure that your reputation is not hindered by any legal issues regarding the sale of your inventory through a distributor. Harry Krantz Company is updated on all of the relevant export regulations and holds ITAR registration, ensuring that the customer’s business and reputation is safeguarded.

Harry Krantz Company will turn excess inventory into profit for their customer with their enduring marketing efforts and the large network of buyers they have established over the past seven decades. Their time-tested knowledge of the market allows them to confidently provide advice in the customer’s best interest.

Besides offering excess inventory consignment services, Harry Krantz is a reputable electronic components supplier for a variety of industries including military and aerospace. Their quality control and counterfeit prevention programs are rigorous and thorough to ensure the authenticity and high quality of components which are then sold to the manufacturer.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

How A Reliable Electronic Component Supplier Can Help Your Production Efficiency

As most industries are becoming increasingly demanding of faster, more efficient technology, manufacturers scramble to meet the demand. As a result of the fast-paced changes, manufacturers face several challenges such as the sale of counterfeit parts into the supply chain which further causes an overall reduction to their efficiency. To solve this, many manufacturers choose to hire an electronic component supplier.

One of the ways a reliable supplier is able to help increase the manufacturer’s efficiency is by providing them with authentic components. The sale and use of counterfeit parts is becoming an increasingly difficult issue to avoid for manufacturers that do not employ the services of a trustworthy distributor. The use of counterfeit components can cause catastrophic results, especially in the aerospace and military industries. An electronic component supplier will test the components vigorously to ensure their authenticity before selling them to the manufacturer.

An electronic parts distributor is also useful in locating components that are hard to find or obsolete. Due to the fast pace at which technological advances are made today, electronic components become obsolete rather quickly. Obsolete electronic components are parts that are no longer produced by the original manufacturer. Such components are at an especially high risk of being reproduced and therefore, counterfeit. An electronic parts supplier can both allocate and test obsolete or hard to find parts by using their resources across the supply chain.

Additionally, some electronic component suppliers provide services such as bonded inventory and inventory management to further help their clients’ production become more efficient. Such services can help the manufacturing company reduce their costs by managing their inventory more efficiently. The continuous analysis of the inventory can also help the manufacturer understand their weak points and improve them.

When selecting the distributor that is best for your team, think long-term. A reliable supplier will become part of your team, therefore it is important to visualize their ultimate role in your company. When initially researching your choices of suppliers, consider their quality assurance program, additional services they offer as well as their experience in the industry. If as a manufacturer, you focus on one particular industry, it may be beneficial for you to hire a supplier that specializes in your industry as well. This will ensure that you have the knowledgeable support you need throughout your relationship.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Electronic Component Distributors Can Help Make Your Production More Efficient

An increasing number of manufacturers today hire electronic component distributors to help them procure parts and manage their overall efficiency.  Due to the fast pace at which technology changes today, reliable suppliers are in high demand. However, it is important to qualify your supplier before hiring them as part of your business. After all, their ability to assist you or lack thereof will reflect in your production.

When researching electronic component distributors, be sure to consider the following points:

Quality Assurance:  Today’s electronic component supply chain is often infiltrated with counterfeit products. Therefore, it is important that the distributor you hire has a proper quality assurance program in place. It is suggested that you inquire about their testing facilities, procedures as well as qualifications. During your research, check if the distributor is on any qualified supplier lists such as the Qualified Supplier List for Distributors (QSLD). This will give you a good idea whether a particular distributor provides authentic products or not.

Affordability: The price you pay for components to your distributor will reflect in your profit, so be sure to choose a supplier that is far. Nevertheless, do not choose a certain distributor just because they offer you a significantly lower price. Quality must come first and it usually doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, if a supplier is offering you a lower price, spend some extra time researching their quality and testimonials from previous or existing customers.

Experience: The frequent changes in the market cause numerous companies to go out of business rather quickly. An established company with proven experience is usually your best choice. For instance, Harry Krantz Company has over 70 years experience of electronic component supplier and they are still flourishing today. An extended period of time in the business shows that the company has the ability to adapt efficiently and seamlessly to the changing market.

Specialization: If your company solely manufactures for a particular industry such as aerospace, it is best to hire a supplier that specializes in the same field. By doing so, you ensure that your distributor is able to provide you the support you need before, during and after the purchase. In that case, you may also want to hire them for services such as inventory management to make your production more efficient.

Friday, March 1, 2013

How To Ensure That Your Military Components Are Authentic

The production and sale of counterfeit military components is an increasing threat to the supply chain of military products.  As manufacturers are pressed for time to create newer, more innovative and intuitive products, uncovering counterfeit parts is becoming the job for electronic component suppliers. A reliable distributor is able to provide their clients with the timely delivery of the parts they need at an affordable price and ensure their authenticity in the process.

Several scenarios can qualify a part to be counterfeit.  Some counterfeit parts are a result of a simple, but costly mistake of mislabeling. While some instances of mislabeling are accidental, others are done on purpose. For instance, a part that is intended for a specific purpose is relabeled for another by altering the part number. The use of such parts can cause catastrophic results.

Another reason for the production of counterfeit products is their manufacturers. While technological advances require engineers and manufacturers worldwide to be more innovative and efficient in their production of quality products, the producers of counterfeit components are also becoming better at masking their product.  If not tested properly, such components can be labeled and made to look like the authentic product.

To stop a counterfeit product from entering the supply chain, distributors use various methods of testing. The initial testing is typically the measuring of physical dimensions, x-ray testing and ensuring that all of the markings such as OEM are permanent. Another standard quality assurance process is electrical testing over temperature. Because each authentic component has known parameters and limits within which they will function properly, electrical testing over temperature can depict whether the component is authentic or not. Whereas physical measurements and OEM stamps can be faked, the results of electric testing normally cannot.

Experienced suppliers use a variety of standard and innovative quality assurance processes. When seeking a military component supplier, it is suggested that you narrow down your choices to the ones that specialize in the field. Due to the liability that a counterfeit component can represent, it is best that a knowledgeable expert tests the parts before reselling them to you. An approved supplier of military parts will most likely be listed on the Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors (QSLD).

Harry Krantz Company is a reputable supplier that has specialized in allocation and sale of authentic military parts for over 70 years. Although they provide electronic components to numerous industries, Harry Krantz Company specializes in providing authentic parts to the military and aerospace industry.A