Friday, April 26, 2013

Electronic Component Distributors Can Secure Authentic Components

The sale and use of counterfeit electronic components is becoming an increasing problem throughout all technological industries. From the consumer to the military, counterfeit components propose a threat to the integrity of the finished product, while in some cases, putting lives at risk. For manufacturers, this is an issue that can halt their productivity, damage their reputation, and even close their doors. To avoid purchasing and using such products, a growing number of manufacturers are beginning to hire electronic component distributor.

Electronic part distributors are able to not only allocate and acquire the necessary components for their clients, but they are also able to test them. The testing process includes measurements, inspection of known parameters and authenticity indications, such as permanent OEM markings, as well as more involved, mechanical procedures such as x-ray and electric testing. One of the more thorough procedures is the electric testing over temperature as it will exert a high-pressure atmosphere on the component to see if it is authentic. This is comparable to telling substances apart by measuring their boiling point. A counterfeit component, in majority of the cases, will not be able to withstand the same duress that an authentic product can.

The allocation process of electronic components, even those that are obsolete or difficult to find, is typically simpler for the electronic component distributors than it is for the manufacturers. The major reason for this is the large network of trusted buyers and seller that seasoned distributors have from whom they can acquire the components. Distributors are also knowledgeable about the market trends are therefore normally able to get better deals for the manufacturers than the manufacturers could by themselves.

When researching your options of distributors, be sure to consider their experience in the business, their reputation and the amount of product they have in-stock. Experience is an important factor to take into account as the more experienced companies are more likely to have a larger, more established network of sellers. Distributors with a large inventory are also more likely to be able to get you the product in an efficient manner.

Harry Krantz Company is a reputable supplier that has specialized in allocation and sale of authentic military parts for over 70 years. Although they provide electronic components to numerous industries, Harry Krantz Company specializes in providing authentic parts to the military and aerospace industry.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Will The Recent Sequester Affect Military Components Market?

The acquisition of military components is often a frustrating task for manufacturers who are not utilizing the services of an electronic component distributor. However, the recent developments of the sequester will greatly affecting the purchasing allowance of the Department of Defense for military products is creating an even bigger problem for the supply chain. The sequestration which began on March 1, 2013, calls for a $46 billion spending reduction, $41 billion of which will be made through ending of contracts with military product suppliers and cutting their extensions.

While the sequester provides an additional obstacle, the old ones will continue to ensue. Specifically, the threat of counterfeit components continues to be immense across all technological industries. The use of sub-par components in the military can be especially catastrophic as lives of both soldiers and civilians could be put at risk if the product malfunctions. Subsequently, this will mean loss of profits and reputation for the issuing company.

The sequestration of the Department of Defense may have a positive effect on the sale of counterfeit products as manufacturers will have to be especially careful of the components they are purchasing. Counterfeit prevention can be ensured for manufacturers by hiring electronic component distributors to test their military components prior to utilizing them in production. When looking for a reliable supplier, consider several factors including their counterfeit prevention system, years in the business, and affordability.

Partnering with the right electronic component supplier is now more important than ever before. As the industry will inevitably shrink during the sequester, it is important to create a tight-knit circle of servicers a manufacturer can rely on. As always, quality should be the prevalent concern and a distributor with the best counterfeit prevention program may be your best option. For instance, Harry Krantz Company ensures that all of their inbound and outbound inventory is subject to a 30-point quality inspection checklist in accordance with the IDEA 1010 standard. In addition to their in-house testing, they also collaborate with outside qualified testing labs to ensure their customers receive quality components in a timely-manner.

Quality products must also come at an affordable price from a supplier that knows the market trends. With over 70 years in the business, Harry Krantz Company understands the military component market and is able to advise their customers on when to best buy, sell or keep their components.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Why Choosing an Obsolete Electronic Components Distributor Can Boost Efficiency

Obsolete electronic components are pieces of electronic equipment used in production that have been, willingly or unwillingly, phased out of production by the original manufacturer. These components become obsolete mainly due to the invention of newer, more advanced and efficient technologies, though other reasons do exist. An obsolete component may still be in demand by companies other than the original manufacturer for their production, but can be difficult to find. To save time and frustration, manufacturers typically hire electronic component distributors to provide them with the necessary components.

The prevailing cause for the formation of obsolete components is the development of newer, faster technologies that would compete for public demand. Another reason is a planned phase-out of the product by the original manufacturer, which is a marketing tool that forces customers to replace a product after a certain amount of time. After a company has sold a predetermined amount of their product, they halt production on its replacement parts, and when such become obsolete, consumers have to purchase the newer versions of such product. This type of planned obsolescence is often witnessed in the computer industry. Other factors include a government-issued or environmental ban on the products. For example, if a component is not recyclable, it may become obsolete.  Government bans, especially if they are widespread, can cause shipping problems for the purchaser, which in turn can halt production.

It can be difficult for a company to find the obsolete electronic components necessary to continue production; therefore it is advisable to work with an electronic components distributor. Such distributors purchase and stock obsolete components for their customers, and may boost a manufacturer's efficiency by saving them money and time. For example, by utilizing the services of a supplier, manufacturers can get the necessary obsolete electronic components directly from a distributor and avoid any issues that involved in shipping banned products internationally. The sale and use of counterfeit components is another serious problem faced by manufacturers which can be remedied by employing the services of a distributor. A distributor will assist in finding authentic parts from a reputable source, saving the manufacturer the financial mishap of unintentionally purchasing counterfeit components.

Harry Krantz Company has over 70 years of experience in obtaining obsolete components. They comply with all government regulations and their counterfeit assurance program is strict and thorough to ensure their clients’ satisfaction.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Manage Excess Inventory

Excess inventory in the technology manufacturing industry is a collection of components or product that is not usable in production by the manufacturer who owns it. It can be caused by a sudden obsolescence of materials due to rapid advancements in technology or poorly managed material flow and stock demand. Manufacturers that face this problem need a plan as to how to manage this inventory, or it will result in lost profits due to capital being tied up in the inventory, as well as the cost of storing the materials. Working with a reputable electronic components distributor can help connect the manufacturer with prospective buyers, assist in turning a profit, and freeing up the storage space. Additionally, a distributor knowledgeable about market trends can educate the manufacturer on the best time to sell, buy or keep their inventory.

The most efficient and effective way to deal with an excess inventory is to work with an electronic components distributor that offers a consignment program. The program allows the manufacturer to put their inventory on the market through the distributor without selling it outright. The distributor markets the product to an extensive network of possible buyers for a fee, streamlining the entire process in a timely and efficient manner. The manufacturer still owns the product up until the point of sale, and can withdraw it from the market before then.

When choosing the distributor best fitted to help you manage your inventory, select a company with   extensive experience in marketing and selling materials. This will ensure that the distributor understands market trends and has the network of buyers necessary to sell your product. Furthermore, it can help you gain invaluable information from them on the proper time to sell, keep or buy products. An excess inventory consignment program with the right distributor can help ensure an efficient, smooth sales process as and can help the manufacturer receive the best possible sale price for their inventory.

Harry Krantz Company is an exemplary electronic component distributor that has over 70 years of experience in excess inventory consignment as well as supplying components to various industries including the military and aerospace markets. Their knowledge and reputation grants them access to a large network of buyers to help turn manufacturers’ excess inventory into profit. Additionally, they utilize their ongoing marketing efforts to ensure that new buyers are attracted to the manufacturers’ products as well.

Monday, April 1, 2013

How Can You Find the Best Electronic Component Suppliers For Your Business?

In today’s fast-paced market, manufacturers often don’t have the time or resources to procure the necessary electronic parts. As a result, electronic component suppliers are in high demand. Suppliers are able to acquire parts essential for production, even if they are hard to find or obsolete. However, not all suppliers are the same. In order to find a reliable supplier, it is important to thoroughly research your options and consider factors such as quality, efficiency and experience.

The primary concern of the manufacturer when searching for a supplier should be quality. One of the main threats to the quality of your production will be whether the components you used are authentic or counterfeit. Unfortunately, counterfeit parts are common in the supply chain and their use can be catastrophic, specifically in aerospace and military industries. Therefore, when researching your options of electronic component suppliers, inquire about the quality assurance programs.

While the quality assurance process can vary from one industry to another, many procedures are analog. It is important that the supplier you hire tests each component before selling it to your company. Suppliers that perform electrical testing over temperature and have a system for quality certifications such as ANSI/ESD, ISO, and AS can be expected to provide you with authentic electronic parts.

Often the most informative way of researching suppliers is online. By using this method, you will be able to search the components you need, request a quote, compare prices and services, as well as read reviews. Testimonials and reviews are some of the benefits of performing your research online as you are able to see people’s honest opinions about the suppliers as well as their experiences. Some websites even compare suppliers to make the process easier for manufacturers.

Experience and efficiency are the other two factors that are important throughout your relationship with the supplier. Look for electronic component suppliers that offer services regarding a timely delivery or a guarantee. After all, the supplier’s ability to be punctual will reflect in the efficiency of your production. Experience often ties into the efficiency of the supplier as more experienced companies typically have developed a system that works. Additionally, experience depicts the supplier’s ability to adapt to a changing market.

Overall, the supplier with the most aggressive quality assurance systems, good reputation and years of experience is the best choice.