Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Are Electronic Component Suppliers and How To Find a Reliable One

Electronic Component Suppliers are distributors of electronic parts used in manufacturing a variety of products. Several important factors determine whether a supplier is reliable or not including their reputation, experience and quality assurance. Online research can be your starting point to finding the right electronic component supplier for your production.

Quality is the primary concern of the manufacturer when looking for a distributor. Counterfeit parts are common in the supply chain and can be destructive to production and profits of both manufacturer and the supplier. The preliminary method to preventing counterfeit parts from being used in your productions is by qualifying the supplier. By using the Internet to research for the electronic component suppliers, you can find out if the supplier is reputable, experienced and provides quality products.

What qualifies a distributor as reputable? Reputable distributors are deemed trustworthy and reliable by their customers. As mentioned above, quality assurance is an important factor to consider when selecting a supplier. To ensure that products are authentic, suppliers test the components before re-selling them to their customers. It is wise to do business with a supplier that has an in-house testing site and a system for quality certifications such as ANSI/ESD, ISO, and AS.

Checking reviews, testimonials and recommendations will give you a good idea about what the supplier’s customers think of them. There are various sites on which you can find reviews for electronic component suppliers, including the supplier’s website. The reviews usually include important information such as quality of the components, delivery time and the extent to which support is provided by the supplier to the manufacturer.

Experience is another important factor when qualifying an electronic component supplier. Distributors that have been in business for a long time such as Harry Krantz Company, who has been in business for over 70 years, the supplier is most likely trustworthy and not a here-today, gone-tomorrow company. Experienced suppliers understand the market, follow its trends and work closely with their customers.

Overall, the supplier with the most aggressive risk management and quality assurance systems is the safest choice. Upon narrowing down the list of acceptable suppliers, it is beneficial for the consumer to review other points such as inventory, affordability and efficiency.


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